Technological process of film coated sand reclamation equipment


The old sand recycling process of film coated sand regeneration equipment includes the whole old sand treatment and regeneration process starting from sand falling, and the specific process is as follows.

Process flow of film coated sand recycling equipment (taking dry regeneration as an example): in the first step, the returned sand separated from the casting after sand falling is removed from the gate, flash, iron beans and other metal inclusions by magnetic separation; the second step is to crush the sand block to the required particle size; the third step is to further remove the inclusion through the second magnetic separation, and then screen and mix In the fourth step, magnetic separation and screening are carried out again, and the sand comes out into the regenerator to decompose the aggregates into single sand particles and peel off the residual binder attached to the surface of the sand particles; in the fifth step, the fine particles and dust are removed and sent to the classification processor to obtain the reclaimed sand.

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