The reason why resin sand equipment is widely used


Resin sand equipment is a kind of sand mixing equipment which can be operated continuously for foundry to mix resin molding sand and core sand. A commonly used resin sand equipment is a resin self hardening sand mixer for continuous mixing of liquid curing agent and liquid resin for molding or core making.

Resin sand equipment is commonly used in foundry because of the large amount of resin sand used in casting process. The results show that the resin sand has good fluidity, strong filling ability, good process stability, small deformation of sand mold and sand core, and the casting dimensional accuracy can be increased by 1-3 grades compared with sodium silicate sand, and the roughness can be reduced by 1-2 grade N7. Only when the performance of resin sand equipment is good, can the casting outline be clear, edges and corners clear, and the quality is stable.

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