Sand treatment equipment by what matching machinery


Sand treatment equipment is a production line customized according to the casting production process. It is mainly composed of sand mixer, crusher, horizontal cooling bed host, ventilation equipment, sand flow regulation, sand temperature regulator, regeneration equipment, pneumatic conveying device and other components, with functions of cooling, sand mixing, dust removal and regeneration.

1. Sand mixer of sand treatment equipment: it is suitable for mixing resin sand and sodium silicate sand. The proportion regulator of new and old sand can be configured at the sand mixing and inlet according to the production needs, so as to accurately control the sand output and its proportion of the new and old sand. The sand mixing process can be selected and changed according to the preset proportion.

2. Vibration crusher of sand treatment equipment: mainly used for crushing sand block of resin sand. Based on the principle of suspension vibration, the vibration motor generates exciting moment, which makes the sand block vibrate regularly. Through collision and friction, the sand can be broken.

3. Vibration regenerator and centrifugal regenerator of sand treatment equipment: the vibration regeneration machine integrates sand falling (with sand falling frame), crushing, film stripping, screening and other functions, which is suitable for crushing and recycling resin sand and sodium silicate sand; the principle of centrifugal mechanical regeneration equipment is to vertically drop the used sand to be treated into the regeneration machine composed of impact ring and regeneration plate through quantitative feeding mechanism After being accelerated by the high-speed rotating regeneration disc, the sand accumulated in the impact ring is repeatedly rubbed and impacted to ensure the film removal rate of the sand, and then the differential content of the sand is less than 0.1% after secondary air separation.

4. Pneumatic conveying device of sand treatment equipment: it is suitable for conveying hard broken particles and powder materials, and is widely used in foundry factories. Pneumatic conveying device and conveying pipeline, spherical tee, supercharger, booster elbow, etc. constitute a sealed conveying system, which can be equipped with automatic control and electric control system to realize unmanned control of the whole system and automatic control with PLC.

5. Sand temperature regulator: it is mainly used to cool or heat the reclaimed sand of self hardening sand to meet the production process requirements. It can cool the regenerated sand to the room temperature, and its working performance is stable.

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